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Jannelle Pollard

Jannelle Pollard


Janelle Pollard is an impressionist painter whose goal is to capture light and shadow. She has studies with Clyde Aspevig, Jim Wilcox, Kevin McPherson, David Leffel, Scott Christiansen and Bruce Peil as well as several other artists. Her education includes study in figure drawing, design, and painting at UT Tyler and Tyler Junior College. Painting has taken her to Spain and England as well as her own backyard. Her work is in private collections in the United States, Japan and Europe. She has numerous awards locally, regionally and nationally. She presently resides in Tyler, Texas.

Artist Statement

Painting gives me joy in seeing. A magic takes place when painting from life whether it is a scene or a portrait or a still life. I become one with that scene. Painting sessions are not the only time this feeling engulfs me, but also when I am just observing while going about my daily tasks. This lends dimension to my life that I would have missed if I hadn’t become an artist.

Painting has also made me more aware of the transitory nature of those magic moments when the light is just right. I must be quick and well-prepared to capture the nuances of light and shadow. There is no time for fumbling around. Early morning and early evening are especially beautiful. On a broader scale, painting has given me a keen appreciation for those magic times in life and an awareness of their impermanence.

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Janelle Pollard