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Congratulations to Neita Fran Ward for hosting Art Connection faithfully for 3 years! Neita’s steadfast commitment has made the program a lighthouse for the arts in East Texas.
Congratulations also to co-host Sandy Newton for standing by Neita’s side since February, 2018. Sandy’s contribution to the program has been tremendous!

We want to thank The Judy Kunzman Team and Valerosa Designs & Gallery for sponsoring the show from the beginning. Without their support the program could not be sustained.

Based on feedback from the community, listenership is growing! Along with listenership comes knowledge of the arts and artists who make their home in East Texas.

If you’re part of a business or institution, please consider sponsoring Art Connection of East Texas. If you’re an artist, actor, musician or writer, please join us by purchasing a membership. In doing so, you will be helping yourself, fellow artists and the community.