We mourn the loss of Gaylon Dingler, our friend, teacher and artist.   For those of us left here to continue our Earthly journey, that journey will be lonelier because they do not walk beside us.

Gaylon , whom we worked with and all admired so much, died on Friday, August 26, 2022, in a nursing facility in Athens.  As per his adamant wishes, there was no funeral or memorial service.  We will give a tribute to his memory at the UTT College of Pharmacy “drop” during the Artists Reception! He started that tradition and we will carry on!

Gaylon taught art at Hogg Middle School in Tyler ISD his entire career in education.  He was an artist who educated.  His students loved him and were inspired by his daily antics in the classroom.  Several of the artists that showed their work in Valerosa Gallery were his students.  He was shy, but had a great sense of humor; his laughter was contagious. He lived to teach art.  It was delightful to hear him talk about perspective to a colleague or student.

Now as I look into the sunrises and sunsets, I see his art.  Painting across the skies!

Neita Fran Ward