1. Douglas W Dyer

    I have two, large paintings signed “Forrest Harrisburger”.. I’d like to sell or donate..any help?

    • Dinah Shields Ragsdale

      Douglas, Forrest Harrisberger lives in Hideaway, TX. His work is highly collectible here. In fact, my husband purchased a painting for me this month for a Christmas gift. Should you be interested in donating either or both of your paintings might I suggest the Kiwanis Club here in Hideaway. Our service club here conducts two auctions each year as part of our fund raising efforts. Our larger auction, both silent and a live auction, in October is part of Lindale, Texas, Country Fest. Additionally, the ladies of Kiwanis host an annual games luncheon with an auction to benefit Hope Haven, which is a group home for foster teen aged girls in East Texas. Please contact me if you would like to discuss making a donation to Kiwanis. It goes without saying that we are a charitable tax exempt organization with and our mission is to aid the children of our community and the world. To that end we fund about $80,000 each year in scholarships. Best, Dinah Ragsdale, 903-539-7165

  2. Charles Jehlen

    Did Mr. Harrisburger serve in the US Army in 1946? My father had a pencil portrait made by a member of his basic training platoon. The signature looks like Forrest Harrisburger.

  3. Dinah Ragsdale

    I just spoke to Forrest this morning. He and Geri now live in a retirement community in Grand Prairie, Texas. Forrest confirmed that he was in basic training at Fort Bliss in 1946. He doesn’t remember your father but said he did a lot of portraits of the men he served with. Forrest is 94 years old and is in good health.


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