Sandy Newton co-hosted Art Connection for the last time on Saturday, July 23, 2022.  She has been co-hosting for about 4-1/2 years, since February 10, 2018.  The co-host of Art Connection is a vital and challenging role, and Sandy filled that role brilliantly.  

Sandy, who served as the Director of Visual and Performing Arts for Tyler ISD, has accepted a position with Humble ISD.  In this new position, Sandy will be able to focus on visual arts education, something that she prefers, and will even work with some former colleagues.

Sandy was awarded Texas Administrator of the Year in 2021 for significantly contributing to arts education at the state, local, and national levels.  We know that she will continue to provide the leadership that is needed now, more than ever, to art educators and students at Humble ISD.

Sandy will be greatly missed by the producer/host and audience of Art Connection.  We look forward to future visits and success stories.