Art Connection of East Texas is an expression of love for artists and for their art coming from the heart of Neita Fran Ward, the host and creator of the show. March 2018 marks 2 years and over 100 radio shows on KTBB Radio in Tyler, Texas.

Neita Fran has poured considerable time and resources into Art Connection to give artists a voice in the community, and she has interviewed well over 75 East Texas painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, educators, collectors, and even curators. Every radio guest has been given a gift, which is the opportunity to share their story to a live radio audience and to have their story archived for a worldwide audience on this website.

In addition to radio, Neita Fran has provided visual artists with a wonderful venue to exhibit their work in Tyler – Valerosa Designs & Gallery in Bergfeld Center. And she has partnered with the Tyler Museum of Art to provide public displays of East Texas art in our educational institutions.

East Texas is the home of some world class artists, and Art Connection of East Texas is drawing many of them from their private studios into the public eye. Prior to Art Connection, few of these artists received the recognition and sales their work deserves. Because of Art Connection, this is beginning to change. It will take time, but Neita Fran Ward is fully invested in making it happen.