Sculptor, painter and educator Gaylon Dingler is our Artist of the Month for July, 2017.

Gaylon, a member of Art Connection of East Texas, was interviewed on June 18, 2016. Gaylon’s work was featured in the first All Men’s Art Show at Valerosa Designs & Gallery, where several of his former students dropped by to express their appreciation for his influence in their lives and careers.

Gaylon can frequently be seen at Valerosa Designs & Gallery painting, staffing the gallery, and socializing with visitors. Referring to his wonderful bull paintings, Neita Fran Ward jokingly said, “Gaylon puts the bull on the wall.” His paintings of bulls have been a main attraction at the gallery since it opened, and they are the favorites of many of the gallery’s visitors.

Gaylon works with most mediums and has a wide range of subjects and styles. His gallery on this website is the largest by far. We encourage everyone to read Gaylon’s bio and to peruse through his gallery on this website.

Congratulations, Gaylon Dingler, for being selected as Artist of the Month, July, 2017!

Don Bristow

Gaylon Dingler